How to File a Complaint

If you are in a position where you question the conduct of a registrant, you may notify the Institute. For the Institute to be able to review the matter, the document must be in writing, and must include:

  • the CPA’s name;
  • where the CPA works (name of firm or name of employer);
  • a summary of what happened and when it occurred, and your most important concerns or questions; and
  • your name and contact information.

You may submit supporting documentation (engagement letter, invoice, email messages, reports) with this document.

To raise a concern or file a complaint against a registrant (CPA or firm), please forward the summary and any supporting documents to the attention of:

Institute of Chartered Professional Accountants of Saskatchewan
Attention: Concerns/Complaints Intake
101 – 4581 Parliament Avenue

Please mark all communication “Private and Confidential”.
Once the Institute has your submission, we will send an acknowledgement to you within one week.