Member Insurance

Since 1975, CPA Insurance Plans West has worked exclusively as a non-profit organization on behalf of Chartered Professional Accountants (both individuals and CPA firms of all sizes). Our knowledge and dedication to our clients over the years has seen to the growth of our reputation, success, and membership (almost 80,000 members). Dealing exclusively with CPAs means we can leverage the strength of our profession to offer unique programs and special pricing. Our members benefit from competitive rates, flexible plans, group purchasing, extended benefits, international coverage and more. Our knowledge and claims experience has enabled us to give back almost $38 million to our members since 1981. CPA Insurance Plans West was created by CPAs and is dedicated to providing the best value insurance and other benefit programs exclusively to CPA firms, individual CPAs, and their dependents in Western Canada. CPA Insurance Plans West has insurance plans for individuals and for firms. For information, visit their website at