Use of CPA Designation

The use of your “Chartered Professional Accountant” or “CPA” designation in conjunction with your legacy CA, legacy CGA or legacy CMA designation is mandatory. Common areas where a designation might be used include:

  • social media
  • business cards
  • email and hard copy signature blocks
  • individual names listed on letterhead
  • all references to members' names in marketing and advertisements

Examples of use are:

Member Name, CPA, CA
Member Name, CPA, CGA
Member Name, CPA, CMA
Member Name, FCPA, FCA
Member Name, FCPA, FCGA
Member Name, FCPA, FCMA

Please note:

  • The use of a comma between your name and your designations is optional.
  • The use of a comma between designations is required.
  • Where there are dual or triple designations, the order of the CA, CMA and CGA designations may be reversed. The CPA designation should be followed by the legacy designation it was granted with.
  • The use of university degrees is optional.

Use of the CPA Designation for Members
CPA Logo Use Agreement for Members

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Use of CPA Designation