How to Apply




The CPA Western School of Business (CPAWSB) delivers the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP) in Western Canada. The CPAWSB also offers CPA preparatory courses that provide the knowledge requirement for admission to the CPA PEP. For members seeking licensure in public accounting, the CPAWSB offers the Post-Designation Public Accounting (PDPA) Program.

Are you ready to start your journey?

View the application process for CPA PEP and CPA preparatory courses. 

Your first step is to create a MY CPA Profile. Note that if you are an existing students with the CPAWSB or you think that you may have already created a profile, you should not create a new profile. 

After you have created your profile, you will:

  • enter your post-secondary information
  • request and pay for a transcript assessment, and
  • submit your post-secondary transcripts for evaluation. 

Transcript assessments are valid for one year. Note that official transcripts must be mailed directly from your post-secondary institution to the address provided in the portal. If you hold credentials from outside of Canada, you will be required to submit a transcript evaluation from a third party evaluator such as WES, IQAS, or ICES

Visit the CPA Western School of Business website for additional information and for course schedules and fees. 

For questions about transcript assessments, eligibility, and prerequisites, contact the CPAWSB via email or by phone at 1-855-306-9390. For general inquiries about the CPA PEP and/or CPA Preparatory Courses, contact CPA Saskatchewan via email or by phone at 306-359-0272. 

If your transcript assessment is complete and you have questions about your application, course registration, schedules, key dates, or examinations, contact the CPAWSB using the relevant email address for your question type or contact them by phone at 1-866-420-2350.