Firm Resources

If you have a question about your firm, please contact Registrar for practice advisory guidance.

Keep in mind the following “Tips for Success”!

  1. Don’t get behind on PD!

    CPA Saskatchewan and CPA Canada offer courses on all the latest and greatest standards. Know your clients and take the right courses to ensure you:
  • Understand the standards,
  • Know how to apply them, and
  • Document your files appropriately with that understanding.
  1. Don’t use out of date materials!

    The CPA Canada Handbook changes daily it seems, but that is no excuse for using out dated material to complete a file.

    See the Resources section for ways to stay up to date on the recent publications.
  2. Don’t cut work when you cut your fees!

    Regardless of the fees charged:
  • The work needs to be sufficient and appropriate.
  • The work of your staff needs to be reviewed.
  • Lack of staff is not a valid cause for poor file conditions.
  1. Don’t take on work that is too complex for your skill set!

Our field is increasingly specialized, do not accept or continue on with engagements from clients which increase the risk to your firm because the business is too complex.

Know and accept your limitations.

Use a specialist if required.