Successful Writers - September 2018 CFE

CONGRATULATIONS to the 117 CPA Saskatchewan candidates in the CPA Certification Program who successfully completed the 2018 Common Final Examination (CFE).

“I am immensely proud of the 117 hard-working CPA Saskatchewan candidates who passed the 2018 CFE by developing and demonstrating technical and professional skills they will take with them into the next stage of their careers and beyond,” said Steve Vieweg, FCPA, FCMA, CEO of the CPA Western School of Business. “On behalf of everyone at the School, I wish these hard-working individuals the very best as they move forward in their careers.”

Among the CPA Saskatchewan candidates are the following three national honour roll recipients:

“It is a great honour (and relief) to pass the CFE. Thank you to my firm and everyone else who helped me out along the way!” – Jordan Anholt
“It was certainly a surprise to make the Honour Roll. I am humbled by the recognition from the profession, and I hope to return the favour by serving the profession with distinction for many years. I cannot wait to begin setting new goals, and to better serve my clients and my community. I feel very blessed to have had the tireless support of many people throughout the process, and I am certain there are many great candidates and their supporters who are celebrating the completion of their CFE journeys as well.” – Brendan Kozun
“Congratulations to all the successful candidates on achieving this milestone. Take time today to celebrate your success!” – Micah Neufeld


Below is the list of successful candidates:

Mark Agar Danielle Humble Brendan Potts
Jordan Anholt Gabriella James Jaime Potts
Michael Boymook Travis Janke Jolene Prang
Brianne Brown Jilleen Kaal Varoan Premraj
Mercedes Bruce Terrence Kaushik Priti Priya
Scott Bryden Courtney Kelly Scott Pulles
Jolene Burechailo Muhammad Khan Carlee Ramsay
Anthony Challenger Jocelyn Kline Tyler Reinheimer
Andre Chevrette Brendan Kozun Caileigh Rendek
Christina Deiana Jonathan Kristoff Kimberly Robinson
Bailey Delainey Chelsea Lai Kasey Schmitz
Alyssa DePape Alicia Laird Gagandeep Sidhu
Bailey Doucette Kurt Leedahl Amy Sigurdson
Petra Dueck Junting Li Hanny Son
Stacey Duke Jiao Li Tori Stadnyk
Marley Ervine Robert Lucci Nicole Stefan
Gempyl Evangelista Michelle MacGowan Benjamin Struthers
Jordan Farr Jonathan Maierhoffer Jingwen Su
Sheldon Ferguson Scott Mantyka Luqi Sun
Tayler Firth Ian Martin Bo Sun
Dean Fischer Jacqueline Masson Alex Szeto
Clare Florence Matthew McGillivray Leslie Szeto
Krysten Forbes Cortlen McLeod Kelly Tardif
Zachary Friesen Jordan McNaughton Gulraiz Tariq
Jordanna Friesen Daniel Meakin Zaryab Tarique
Iain Fyfe Brittney Miller Brandyn Thurmeier
Brittany Giles Micah Neufeld Mathew Towill
Balkaran Gill Moyosore Odeyemi Carter Van Parys
Ricki Giroux Jordan Omoth Briane Vance
Christopher Gonari Joseph Opper Shannon Wallaker
Justin Grant Danielle Orban Lei Wang
Jordan Greve Rosemarie Pagaspas Katelynn Wilkins
Jayelle Gustafson Kurtis Panchuk Sheldon Winter
Austin Haryung Elly Panteluk Scotty Wollf
Sayem Hasan Kyle Paterson Keaton Wozniak
Dylan Haynes Zachary Pengelly Kevin Yee
Jessica Hill Christiania Peterson-Azad Joshua Yochim
Logan Howe Jeffrey Phillips Junting Zhou
Michael Hubbard Aaron Picton Xiaodan Zhu