Member Licence and Professional Corporation Renewal

Renewal of your member licence for the period January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022 (2022 licence) is required by Regulatory Bylaw 16.5.

Renewal of your professional corporation for the period January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022 (2022 permit) is required by The Professional Corporations Act.

You are required to complete the renewal form and pay the renewal fees online through the Member Portal by December 1, 2021. To assist with your renewal, we have published a guide here: 

It is also recommended that you clear your internet browser’s cache and history and use a private window or incognito mode during renewal. If an error message displays, you will be required to login to your account again.

To complete your renewal, please follow these steps:

1. Complete the licence renewal through the Member Portal. Refer to our guide for further assistance.

  • See below for what is required before logging in.
  • Your username for the CPA Saskatchewan Member Portal is your preferred email address.
  • After logging in, on the landing page, click on the MEMBERS: Complete My Licence and/or PC Renewal button.

2. Pay the licence renewal fees by December 1, 2021.

  • If you have already confirmed your licence renewal fees and selected "Pay Later" on the cart, DO NOT click on MEMBERS: Complete My Licence and/or PC Renewal again. Instead, please proceed to Outstanding Invoices under My Profile.
  • Payment can be made by credit card or by selecting Pay Later then Submit Order on the cart to pay by cheque or EFT. Members interested in paying by EFT need to contact accounting prior to sending the EFT.

IMPORTANT: Please only submit your renewal ONCE.

Prior to proceeding online, please gather the following information:

1. Eligible practical experience hours in professional accounting within the past 12 months.

If you do not meet the minimum practical experience hours requirement, please complete an exemption request form. Please email your completed exemption request to licensing by December 1, 2021. All exemption requests are approved by the Professional Practice Committee. Based on the information included in your renewal, your licence may be approved for an exemption or may have conditions listed or may be cancelled.

NEW for 2021 – there is an optional section within the online form in this section that allows you to report the number of completed compilation engagements within the past 5 years. Note: there is no minimum requirement for compilation engagements for a comprehensive or specified licence. This information is optional.

2. Details supporting verifiable continuing professional development activities relating to professional accounting (i.e., assurance or financial reporting) since January 1, 2021.

Enter CPD hours through the CPA Saskatchewan Member Portal under the “My CPD” tab. The CPD hours you enter for your licence will automatically update in your CPD log. However, you have up to April 15, 2022 to enter any remaining CPD hours not related to professional accounting for the 2021 CPD period and complete your annual and 3-year declarations.

It is recommended that you enter your CPD under the “My CPD” tab prior to proceeding to the online renewal form so that total licensing CPD hours displays in the form correctly. It is also recommended that you review the CPD activity for each year (2021, 2020, 2019) to verify all hours are allocated to licensing correctly. If you require amendment to any CPD for 2020 or 2019, please email licensing prior to proceeding with renewal.

If you do not meet the minimum CPD requirements, please complete a CPD plan (attached to this email). Please email your completed CPD plan to licensing by December 1, 2021 for approval by the Registrar or the Professional Practice Committee.

3. The name and member ID number of the licensed member providing your competency assessment reference. Alternatively, you may complete a self-assessment of your competency as it relates to practice professional accounting (available in the online renewal form).

If you complete a self-assessment, it is recommended that you print your screen prior to finalizing your renewal so that you have this information for your records as a summary report is not available. If you have to exit the form prior to finalizing all information in the online renewal, it is recommended that you select “Save Progress”.

A licence application is considered complete when all required steps of the renewal are completed, all forms are submitted (as applicable) and payment is received. All information submitted to CPA Saskatchewan in support of your licence renewal is subject to verification or request to provide additional information at the time of licence renewal or at the firm's next practice inspection. Please retain records of all the information used in your licence renewal application. If additional information is requested during renewal, we will make this request within 30 days of your application.

If required, please allow approximately 30 days to process approval of your exemption request or approval of your CPD plan.

Note: If you are paying by cheque for a group of renewal fees related to licences and professional corporations (in addition to the firm fees), all members must have completed the member licence and professional corporation renewals online prior to the payment being processed. Please provide a written explanation to CPA Saskatchewan on what the cheque covers.

A licence is considered expired if renewal is not made prior to December 31. After December 31, you will no longer be permitted to practice professional accounting and may be subject to a cease and desist and/or penalty if you continue to practice without a valid licence. If your licence is expired and you wish to continue practicing professional accounting, you may be required to complete and meet all licensing qualifications on an initial licence application.


If you have any questions regarding the renewal process or general licensing inquiries, please email licensing. Please allow 2-5 business days for response. If you have any technical issues, please email.