Financial Literacy

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CPA Canada's Mastering Money Virtual Conference 2021

Sign up now for the must-attend free financial literacy virtual event of the year running this November 3 and 4th 2021. This conference will bring together experts to speak on financial literacy trends and issues as they relate to personal finance and small and medium businesses.
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CPA Canada's Introduction to Indigenous People's Culture Course

The CPA profession is committed to recognizing and fostering the talents of Canada's Indigenous peoples and their communities, including mentoring and empowering the next generation of Indigenous students for a prosperous financial future.

The Introduction to Indigenous Peoples Culture Course is designed to provide the writers and faciliators of CPA education programs, cases, and examinations with the insight, knowledge, and skills to better understand the perspectives of Indgenous students, to help support their success. We invite you to connect and take part in this free introductory course. It will provide all learners with a valuable introduction into the deep cultural and historical foundations upon which the future posperity of Indgenous communities must be built.

This free, on-demand course is available to the public in both English and French.

If you have any questions about the Introduction to Indigenous Peoples Culture Course, please email CPA Canada at


We CARE About You and Your Finances

Get the financial resources and materials needed to help you cope or alleviate stress during thisuncertain time, with the help of our curated COVID-19 Aid and Recovery Education (CARE) packages:


Small Business Webinar Series

CPA Canada Financial Literacy is committed to providing information to the small business community. Learn about key topics, from financial statements basics to effective financial management, and hear about the many supports available.

Small business webinar series (


On-Demand Resources


CPA Canada's Financial Wellness Guide

CPA Canada developed the Financial Wellness Guide to help you understand money basics as they apply to you. This questionnaire will guide you through a series of questions about your current financial situation, your plans and your needs and goals, explaining the most common financial terms in plain language as you go along. When you are finished, it will provide you with a free, straightforward report that includes tools and information you can use to plan your next steps. Take control of your financial situation.

  • Learn key money terms on your own time, in your own space
  • Look at your finances from a holistic point of view
  • Get free, trustworthy advice with no strings attached
  • Develop a personal game plan


CPA Canada's Financial Literacy Publications - available in physical and e-book formats


Become a Financial Literacy Volunteer 

CPAs are invited to join CPA Canada’s financial literacy volunteer program. Share your knowledge and expertise as a professional financial expert by becoming a financial literacy volunteer in our Financial Literacy Community Connect Network, CPA Canada’s financial literacy volunteer program.